The collection of my favorite multiple-media.


The amazing growth of YouTube now allows me to collect my favorite musics. So for this, I installed the MediaWiki extension, EmbedVideo to insert YouTube media into my Wiki.

ARIA nell’Opera “Marta” M’appari

M’appari is my utmost favorite aria that I was first heard around 1988. This song was in fact the test title of the high school music class. Be away from such the immediate objective, I fell into love with this song and yes, made a big noise every night awaking my neighborhoods for a while. I, who had been thinking myself born out of music, but achieved 99/100 in the test. My music class teacher explained – “You sang the song perfectly but I give you 99 points because a human can not be perfect.” What an applause hitting me hard with the full satisfaction. After 20 years later, i.e. now, I found myself humming this song today and so I am gonna leave hear the footprint that I loved this song that much with a good memory. Hope to enjoy with you!

I for you, You for me. (너에게 난 나에게 넌 in Korean)

This music is the fastest and easiest one that puts me back on my twenties; the moment I was so sentimental and impulsive on everything. Too many memories are now getting wiped out as I am getting forties. This music does its job to hold that memory back at least during the moment it flows through out my ear. I miss that time so much.

One more time (한번 더 in Korean)

I really like the harmony filling up this song. I mean by harmony the correlation of many sound sources, their peculiar roles not more than necessary nor vague. Very well tuned one though the embedded background video hardly conveys proper messages.


Sometimes, just rather than put your ear on the recorded (i.e. frozen) mp3, getting in touch with live broadcast system even doing chatting with them gives you the feeling of the something live. In this aspect, I listen to some famous Internet radio channels and there are collections of their beautiful voices. Visit The collection of beautiful voice (하늘호수 CJ님들 목소리 모음).



Trento is a small city in northern Italy. It is a campus-oriented city and University of Trento is one of schools there.

A visitor may enjoy the life there. But if you want to leave there, one big concern would be the language and the information for living. So rather than being concerned, let us know it, the Trento.