Definition of Jot: See

The level of personalization of a computer

The current personal computing technologies provide a user a limited way to personalize the computer. It mainly limited to the level of user access or degree to control the computer. This means the current computer is more biased or configured to be a machine getting orders in detail from a user to perform.

The trouble with the world..

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” – Bertrand Russel

Ain’t that the gospel truth?

I’m not so sure.

Too many thoughts

bifurd.jpg Too many thoughts do not help us solve the problem. Specially, if he is is very experienced and has very high expectations about his own works. It gets serious. Have the focus of works converging works always better than diverging the imagination. As always expected, to make it practical.

World map

world.jpg This is all but not limited to.


  • In Korean, “흐르는 물은 웅덩이를 채우기 전에는 흐르지 않는다.” Translated in English, “Water does not flow till it fills up all holes or ponds under its way.”

Our life with God


The trouble with the world..