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New Year’s Day

Special topic: About Korean Festival

SEOL - Lunar New Year

The most important Korean holiday. Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year. This year it will be on February 18th. Seol is, along with Chusok (Korean thanks-giving day) one of the two important holidays in Korea. The New Year’s greeting is ‘‘Sae hae bot man i bat-eu sae yo". It literally means please receive many New Year’s blessing. saebae.jpg


Callaway Garden

My friends and my family went to Callaway Gardens. It was a very warm day. There were a lot of green things. Like trees, flowers, bushes and butterflies. The air was very refreshing. There was a little water fall there. There was only one scary part. The bird of prey show. Each bird kept on flying over my head. If you want to rest, Callaway Gardens is best (9 A.M to 5 P.M.) Image:callway_garden_butterfiles.jpg

Movie Review

Charlotte’s Web (2006)

It’s very sad because of an adopted pig. There was a mother pig having eleven pigs. But a mom pig has only 10 sucking things. Wilber is a pig who does not have a sucking thing. Wilber was almost killed to half because his mom does not have a room for him. A little girl adopted him. She saved him. Image:charlottesweb_1.jpg


Swimming Class

I do not know how to swim. January 13th, I am going to take a class at Collins Hill park aquatic center. I want to know how to swim out of the life jacket.