Research Reviews

Challenging problems

Recognizing the container ship on the sea is a challenging task due to its exposure to the natural environments. The main problems that we in practice have to overcome are:

  • The distance between the observer and the cargo ships
  • The weather condition: dust, fog, rain, wave, trembling, etc.
  • The diversity of the ship shape, type, length, color, etc.
  • Limited sensor installation environment.

Literature reviews

Categorization by sensors

  • Infrared vision
    1. C. J. S. deSilva, G. Lee, and R. Johnson, “All-aspect ship recognition in infrared images,” Electronic Technology Directions to the Year 2000, 1995. Proceedings., pp. 194-198, 1995.
      • The paper describes an investigation of the problem of identifying objects, in particular ships at sea, in infrared images obtained at a variety of angles and scales. The paper covers theoretical and experimental work relating to the choice of feature vectors to describe the images and the application of the this work to the development of a demonstration system.