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FSUSIM is the finishing mill set up (FSU) simulator that I developed in 1996 at RIST. This page provides the brief description of FSUSIM.

General Description

Due to the unexpected mutual interference between rolling parameters, exact mill setup is not so easy job for engineers. We developed a FSU Off-Line Simulator (FSUSIM) based on practical setup models operating in several production lines. The purpose of the FSUSIM application is for operator to simulate new FSU equation before adapting into plant. FSUSIM also helps operator to easily get the general concept of FSU equations and variables. FSUSIM is compiled by Borland C++ 4.5 and can operate at Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, NT 3.5, NT 4.0 and above versions.

Setup Flow Algorithm

FSUSIM has 3 major functions; Equation Editor, Off-Line Simulator and FSU tutorial. Each function is explained at chapter. 3. The flow chart of FSU system is drawn at right side. This can simulates three types of finish mill configulations.Since FSUSIM adopts GUI (Graphic User Interface), operator can manage all function with mouse clicking.


At this chapter, we will learn which function FSUSIM has and how to operate those functions.

FSUSIM Off-line simulation

Because the purpose of FSUSIM is to simulate real production, each target plant has individual running code at FSUSIM. Input variables and simulation result items are drawn at under tables.

Slab Thickness Weight Distribution
Slab Width Thickness Setup
Slab Weight Thickness Changing Setup
Elements(C, Mn, Si, Ti, P, Cu, Nb) Temperature Setup
FT Temperature Strain Rate
RDT Temperature Roll Force

FSU Tutorial

FSUSIM has FSU tutorial function that includes full FSU processes. This function is made for operator who isn’t familiar with FSU process. Also each step of FSU simulation, FSUSIM provides pertinent help during operators’ off-line simulation.

FSU Equation Editing Function

As shown as under figures, operator can edit every tables used in FSU and variables. Operators can save and restore his own FSU setup values. When the operator input unreasonable value, FSUSIM will recover original distributed setup


  • FSUSIM summary  FSUSIM.pdf
  • FSUSIM tutorial in Korean  FSUSIMtutorial.pdf