A key challenge to the successful application of the data modeling, storage and retrieval is the processing of relevant media to determine the events that are represented by them. Towards this goal, we developed a heterogeneous media events processing system that combines human expertise with algorithmic processing capabilities. In doing so, we seek to leverage the fact that computers are good at fast low level processing and humans are good at high level analysis and understanding. Our approach to bridging the “signal-to-symbol” barrier is based on a 3-layered event-processing architecture composed of a lower data event layer, higher domain event layer, and an elemental event layer in the middle, which links data and domains with symbolic indices (see [3] for details). Two important challenges in this context are providing humans with an interactive interface to do a domain level event tagging, and providing computers with methods to construct computational causality models based on tagged events. Towards this, in our demonstration, we first showed how our system detects events and we provide user-tagging environment on top of these detected events. Later, we introduced our distributed media processing networks and specific domain based event search system, which may show a way to change existing limited PowerPoint like presentation methods.

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