Requirements use case tools

Available software for requirement use case engineering

Software list is available at 1 and 2.

Software Price Comment
Automated requirements measurement tool (ARM) Free
Altova UModel Commercial Free evaluation
SketchUML Commercial
Requirements use case tool (RUT) Free
Accompa Commercial
Accept 360 Commercial
Accompa Commercial Ask credit card info for evaluation
ArcWay AG Commercial Needs personal contact for background check.
Arcway cockpit Commercial 30 day trial
BrighGreen Project Commercial Free evaluation
Case Spec Commercial
Borland CaliberRM Commercial Free trial
CaseComplete Commercial Free trial. Nice interface with rich user interfaces.
GatherSpace Commercial Free trial
HP Quality Center Commercial
IBM Rational ClearCase Commercial Free trial
IBM Rational RequisitePro Commercial 15 days free trial (1152 MB). Old style and not intuitive.
iRise Commercial 30 days free trial
IVisure Commercial 30 days free trial

Requirement software feature comparison

Our review

Automated requirements measurement tool (ARM)

Altova UModel

Altova UModel is a UML tool for software modeling and application development.

Intro to Altova Umodel Creating UML use case diagrams
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SketchUML is a TabletPC based e-Learning tool that incorporates a minimalistic interface to resemble naturalistic pen-and-paper design approaches and combine their simplicity with the advantages of computer-aided design. This is meant to facilitate the learning of the UML syntax. As many CAD tools are very complex in nature, these products inhibit the learning of the concepts of UML, as it is necessary to learn the CAD tool in parallel. A simplistic, naturalistic interface will therefore enhance the learning effect and decrease the learning curve of UML.

SketchUML List of SketchUML features

Intro to SketchUML Advanced features Teacher Mode Demo
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Requirements use case tool (RUT)

  • Site:
  • Download:
  • Test site:
  • Installation instruction: RUT was developed in 2003 as a Web-based application. It needs a Web-server, PHP and MySQL. When trying to install these on the current Web server, you will face many troubles. Many obsolete functions are used in both MySQL and PHP which should be modified to work.
  • MySQL
    1. Default DATE value: 0000-00-00 is not accepted in MySQL 5. Change it to the valid fixed date.
    2. PASSWORD() output length is much longer than the old version. Change it to OLD_PASSWORD().
  • PHP
    1. session_register() and session_unregister() are not used anymore in PHP5. Change them to use the direct reference of $_SESSION[“variable”].
    2. Default DATE value: 0000-00-00 is not accepted in MySQL 5. Thus change the code in usecase_edit.php like NOW().


From their product description, Accompa is an affordable, on-demand (SaaS) requirements management tool. It simplifies the tasks of gathering, tracking, and managing requirements. Key features include:

  • Capture and define requirements, features and use cases
  • Customize the tool right from your web browser to fit your organization’s needs
  • Easily create custom web forms to capture requirements from internal and external stakeholders over the web
  • Define and track relationships and dependencies; Automatically track complete change history
  • Add and track unlimited number of attachments
  • Collaborate with your team using built-in discussion threads, social tags and automatic alerts
  • Use systematic methodology to prioritize your requirements
  • 30-day, fully-functional free trial is now available

Our review

Accept 360, v.4

No trial


Ask credit card information

Arcway AG

Needs personal contact for background check.

Arcway cockpit

30 day trial

BrightGreen project

Functionally Decompose a Requirement Collaborate with the team Seeking approval from the business Search your entire project
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Case spec

Free trial.

Borland CaliberRM

Free trial.


Getting Started with CaseComplete - Actors, Goals and Terms



HP Quality Center

  • HP QC (Quality Center) is a web based Test Management Tool by Mercury (now HP). It is based on the Client Server Technology and has four main modules/tabs-

Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects for proper management of Testing Processes. There can be additional modules as well depending on the various Add ins installed like BPT (Business Process Testing) etc4.


IBM Rational ClearCase

IBM Relational RequisitePro

IBM Rational® RequisitePro® is a requirements management tool

For project teams who want to manage their requirements, write good use cases, improve traceability, strengthen collaboration, reduce project risk, and increase quality.


iRise visualization software gives companies a powerful way to “test drive” and fully experience applications before they are built.


IRQA is a Requirements Definition and Management tool supporting the complete Requirements Engineering process, in an easy way, enhancing and empowering collaboration and communication by:

  • Aligning Business objectives with IT
  • Delivering exactly what was requested
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by delivering what was agreed
  • Delivering projects on-time and on-budget.