RMSIM is an engineering software package composed of 0.25 million lines MFC/C++ codes with hundreds of classes. It gives users the power to design the complex roughing mill plant design. Its simple interface with highly automated parameter setting features astonished users in the industry. At the time it was developed, RMSIM was the only software in the world that supports the full roughing mill plant design, plant simulation and computing optimal production schedules. This is funded by POSCO for 3 years (1999-2001) with $0.5 million and I, as the main software developer in this project, converted existing FORTRAN simulation codes into C++ and all other GUI interfaces.

As a layout design tool for the roughing mill train of continuous hot strip mill, a multipurpose software RMSIM (Roughing mill simulator), which provides an optimum pass schedule from a given slab size to the target bar size with considering the given mill power and speed tolerance, has been developed in the present study. The RIMSIM gives free options to select the specficiations of roughing mills and edgers as well as the combination of the mills. The user can select the mill type and the number of roughing mills, arrangement ans spacing, mill power and speed, roll type and size, slab and bar temperatures, and so on. The RMSIM is also quite useful to check optimum specification of the mills with a given condition of production schedule. Furthermore, the function of RMSIM has been expanded so as to cover the need of off-line simulation of the existing roughing mill trains of five HSM’s in POSCO works.

The off-line simulation is flexible to change the load balance and mathematical model constraints for checking the optimum operational parameters for new grade of product, the neck step for the modified operation parameters, and the revamping ideas. Besides, the present work found that the existing width prediction models need more refined width spread coefficients for various steel grades and a modification on the logic for width reduction in the roughing train.

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