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Scale prediction software for finishing mill and downcoiler (SPFM) predicts the scale thickness during air-cooling time when a downcoil passed the final finishing mill line in the hot-coil and is placed at the yard for cooling. SPFM simulates 3-dimensional temparature environments using non-linear computation libraries. We developed the main SPFM algorithm with extensive engineering data for simulation. SPFM comes with 3D analysis and display packages to visualize the growth of scales on coil over time.

As a scale growing prediction tool for the hot strip mill, SPFM provides the multipurpose software, FMScaleView and CoilScaleView, that provide the coil surface scale estimation. The FMScaleView, embedded on the Spray, developed by Heat & Fluid Flow Research Team, RIST, provide extensive options for the hot single and/or combined mil specifications. The user can select the mill type, the number of roughing mills, arrangement and spacing, mill power and speed, roll type and size, slab and bar temperature, FM combination, cooling method and so on. SPFM estimates the temperature status and scale growth. The CoilScaleView is about the coil specifications simulating the yard environment where we cool down the coil after production. It calculates the three-dimensional temperature status, scale growth and oxygen diffusion through coil gap.