A simple program interface to search the MUTCD code database. Please see MUTCD Code Search Interface. query_example1.png

MUTCD Traffic Sign Coder

Traffic sign coder helps users to find the location of the traffic sign in a given image and assign the MUTCD traffic sign codes. Please see MUTCD Traffic Sign Coder for more details. traffic_sign_coder_0907.png


  • Note: MUTCD database for the program is not released officially. So if you are not in the developer team, this program will not run.

Polygon Detector (Last revision: 06/07/2006)

Image:polygondetector.png|Polygon detector Image:polygondetector_runexample.png|Running example

You can download the source codes for the convex polygon detection at It utilizes the OpenCV library. Executable binaries for Microsoft Windows also are available here Source documentations are available at Polygon Detector Documentation. This is generated automatically by Doxygen.


  1. GPS reader



Recently, I found that people start archiving TSPR data. GTSRB is one of them I recommend.