Finding a roadway lane using video processing

Pilho Kim, ECE GaTech


1. Objective

Find roadway lanes from a real driving video.

2. Preparation

Step 1. Install a camcorder. (Be very careful to make it stable.)

Image:config_1.png Image:config_3.png

Step 2. Capture!

Image:i85s.png 2005-12-02 9:05 am (Click here to download the video)

Image:i85n.png 2005-12-01 8:25 pm (Click here to download the video)

3. Analysis Step 1. Edge detection test. (12/02/2005)

Image:road_test.png A test image extracted from James Tsai’s paper

Image:road_test_canny.png Canny edge detection

Step 3. Prepare a short video for algorithm testing.

Image:i85s_short.png Around I85 Exit-94 South direction(Media:i85s_exit94_short.wmv)

Step 4. Detect a white lane in a video.

Image:i85s_short_laneflow.png Detect a white lane flow (Media:i85s_exit94_short_laneflow.wmv) (Red arrow marks will be shown in response to white lane flow variation)

Image:i85s_short_laneedgeflow.png Internal processing example (Media:i85s_exit94_short_lane_edge_flow.wmv)