This page contains several sample codes that I can open to the public.


A simple project to utilize the power of the dominating search engine Google. It is a web-based application using Google Ajax API for Google interaction and YUI for GUI. Details will be introduced at eGoogle.


  1. Run MS-Office (ver. 8) macro runner, 2002
  2. Run MS-Excel (ver. 8) macro runner, 2002
  3. Run MS-Word (ver. 8) macro runner, 2002


  1. 2D and 3D dynamic array handling class, 2002
  2. Matrix C++ template class by Somnath Kundu, 2002


  1. Convert SUB format caption texts to CSV format texts, 2006
  2. Convert SRT format caption texts to SUB format texts, 2006
  3. Convert SRT format caption texts to CSV format texts, 2006
  4. Convert SMI format caption texts to CSV format texts, 2006


Labview is the graphical programming interface for NI products. Based on my years of experience, NI provides the most reliable (and expensive) data acquisition and analysis solutions for the industrial purposes. I have used their products and Labview for several years and here I open some libraries for the public.

  1. Collection of many labview libraries that I developed in the project. Forging.llb in the zip file contains the many libraries for the complex data logging and displaying. ForgingAnalyzer.llb includes several libraries to load, analyze, display, and save binary data.

Linux shell scripts

  1. Merge text lines through pipes

Research results opened to the public

  1. TSPR:Download
  2. TSPR:Adpative HO-HSV traffic sign color model
  3. TSPR:MUTCD Code Search Interface