Subin Kim

Hello! I am Subin kim. I am Pilho Kim’s daughter.

Who am I?

I am Pilho Kim‘s first daughter. I go to Jackson Elementery. I have lots of friends. I am from Korea. I live with my Dad and MoM and two year old baby sister Ashely.

My favorites

My writings

My friends


Image:orlando_universal_studio_02242006_frontgate_with_character.jpg|Subin and Mom, Front gate, Universal studio, Oralndo FL, 02/24/2006 Image:orlando_universal_studio_02242006_with_shrek_fiona.jpg|Subin with Shrek and Fiona, Universal studio, Oralndo FL, 02/24/2006 Image:orlando_universal_studio_02242006_with_donkey.jpg|Subin with Donkey, Universal studio, Oralndo FL, 02/24/2006 Image:Subin_with_friends_at_school_atlanta_GA_03042006.jpg|Subin with friends at school, Altanta GA, 03/04/2006 Image:JKRowllingforSubinKim_10222007.png|J. K. Rowlling’s letter for Subin with her picture, 10/22/2007 Image:JKRowllingforSubinKim_10222007_1.png|J. K. Rowlling’s letter for Subin, 10/22/2007

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  • New Year’s Day Special topic: About Korean Festival SEOL - Lunar New Year The most important Korean holiday. Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year. This year it will be on February 18th. Seol is, along with Chusok (Korean thanks-giving day) one of the two important holidays in Korea. The New Year’s greeting is ‘‘Sae hae bot man i bat-eu sae yo”. It literally means please receive many New Year’s blessing. Travel Callaway Garden My friends and my family went to Callaway Gardens.