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This page provides a selective list of technical articles distributed over various categories in this wiki.

Technical writing

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  • Image:information_16.png How to remove the spam messages from Wiki talk (or discussion) pages? Well, there are always not invited visitors. This Wiki has been attached for a while. I scribbled simple methods to remove spam messages and how to protect the wiki site at Remove Wiki spam messages.
  • Image:information_16.png TPC-H is an ad-hoc, decision support benchmark. It is a very famous benchmarking specification for commercialized enterprise database vendors. The problem is thus for MySQL, which is the biggest open-source database, no proper supports exist. So I prepared the instruction for whom wants to test TPC-H at their personal computer on top of MySQL. Project/EFIM/TPC-H will give you a complete overview on my experiment.
  • Image:information_16.png A statistical GUI named eGoogle is available for fun that measures the popularity of multiple keywords over various media sources (web page, blog, news, image, video and even patents plus). It uses Google Ajax Search API and its GUI uses YUI. See eGoogle for details and visit the demo site at You will find out whom between two candidates is more popular in the wired world.
  • Image:information_16.png Have you been amazed with Wikipedia by its power, knowledge and active contents updated by numerous Internet users? Have you been thinking using Wikipedia at your desktop? If you are willing to spend some hours to have it on your PC for research purposes like me, then see Import Wikipedia database dump files for details to import Wikipedia database. It will also describe my hands-on experiences.


Tips is a list of technical tips on unbounded topics for records.


Bakoma Tex

It was around 1995 that I first met Latex to prepare MS thesis. Using the HP workstation with UNIX, debugging Latex codes was horrible experience. Everybody would admit the beauty of Latex DTP environments though. In 2009, we have much better tool that provides WYSIWYG Latex environment. It still has many features to improve but I like it. Visit Bakoma Tex site.

Text to MS-Word

The other headache with LaTex is that more and more people use MS-Word rather than LaTex. So to work in collaboration with them, you need to convert the LaTex file to MS-Word. In practice direct LaTex-to-Word conversion does not work well. Rather, PDF-to-MS-Word conversion is better supported. And even there are free services on the Web, which is a good thing :)

I assume that you know how to create PDF from tex. You may use DvitoPDF or PDFLatex or many other things. Once you have a pdf file in your hand. Then visit PDF Online. They provide a free conversion process. In doing so, too large PDF conversion misses pages from the end. I split the big file into smaller ones with less than 50 pages. But sometimes you need to repeat the job to fill up missing pages.

When converting PDF, use DView of Bakoma Tex and open .dvi. Then export to PDF. This results in the best MS-Word conversion results.